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See your project management
reach new heights

Oversite Productions, Inc. (OSP), an affiliated flight services company for UAS Development, Inc. has launched a construction site survey service, flying the Yuneec H520 multi-rotor fitted with high resolution cameras and photogrammetry processors.

OSP Pilot and UAS Development, Inc. partner Spiros Tritsibidas prepares the H520 for a recent assignment for a construction client.

With capabilities to provide one-off or regularly scheduled site surveys, OSP can provide construction managers with dynamic perspectives on large and complex construction programs, and delivery timely information related to project evolution, critical milestone documentation, aggregate materials (pile) calculations, site elevation/grade measurements (with progressive record tracking on scheduled)

Overhead perspectives provide tremendous insight to CM professional.

Contact UAS Development to discuss planning and scheduling for site surveys through Oversite Pro, and be prepared to learn incredibly high value data about the construction process and project management. For a comprehensive quote, please complete and submit the UASD RFP document. Or email the crew at Oversite Productions.