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MassRobotics Robotics Block Party closes out a week of high-tech and future visions for region and the globe.

UAS Development, Inc. was front and center at the 2018 Robotics Block Party, Hosted by MassRobotics and HubWeek. UASd displayed a number of drones from their operations division, and other systems in development.

HubWeek is Boston’s annual review of art, science & technology trends and public initiatives that look to address societal concerns and predict where applied technologies may offer relief to economic and social issues. Throughout the week, speaker sessions and workshops convene on a wide range of topics, and participating organizations and firms demonstrate their applications that seek remedies to questions of health, transportation, global environmental studies, agriculture and sustainable food development and many more areas.  

UAS Development was proud to be invited to participate in this phenomenal MassRobotics event and add to the exercise in exploration, debate, collaboration and celebration. Guests at the RBP ranged from technology savvy insiders to the purely curious observer. We look forward to exploring many more options to introduce our technologies and missions at the next HubWeek in 2019.