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Power Docks showcases its Autonomous Floating Micro-Grid Platform, demonstrating its air, sea, and underwater (C3) capabilities for defense applications and homeland security during the 2017 Advanced Naval Training Exercise, Narragansett Bay Test Facility, Aug. 16. ANTX is an annual event designed to test new technology with academic, industry and Navy participants. The theme of this year’s ANTX is Battlespace Preparation in a Contested Environment.

UAS Development, in partnership with PowerDocks LLC, was a participant in the US Navy’s Advanced Naval Technologies Expo during the summer of 2017.

Our in-house systems engineering staff worked with the PowerDocks, an autonomous micro-grid energy solutions provider, to integrate a comprehensive drone landing and charging solution onto their Blue Isles floating solar energy platform. Other systems providers included Wibotic wireless power distribution, and additional surface and sub-surface autonomous vehicle OEMs.

During the August 2017 ANTX demonstrations, hosted at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, at Newport, RI, UAS Development flight crews managed and operated several piloted flights that included UAV systems re-powering via Wibotic’s inductive energy solution.

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